How To Become a Mentor


Project LIFE depends heavily on the support and efforts of members just like you. We are very glad that you have intrest in joining the team. Joining is simple really, just head on over to the Project LIFE group and post a message to the Admins stating your interested in becoming a mentor. And admin WILL respond.

As a mentor, you will join under a FAKE identity. This is required because it is a safety feature that we implemented to reduce the risk of an obsessed or otherwise dangerous member approaching mentors in real life.

Your duties would be to help monitor the group, assist members with questions, talk to members in private message when they are in distress, and provide helpful links to local resources in their area. You're a sympathetic understanding voice with lines or support to help the member obtain. You are a first response to a potentially dangerous situation. Your job is to try to calm and reassure the member and help them get through the moment, not cure their issues. 

We are NOT professionals so we can not give professional advice. We can give personal opinions and advice. But we are there for them to lean on, to vent too. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we want to hear from you. LET US KNOW NOW