SaC Services

SaC offers it's members many services. We have compiled a hot list of those services with easy links to get you there.

  • SaC's Member's Area - member exclusive content section
  • Admin Portal - Admin section of the site
  • SaC's MySpot! - SaC's website hosting service
  • SaC Mail - Get YOUR email address while slots exist
  • SaC's Open Forum - A place to freely speak your mind
  • SaC Radio LIVE (Coming Soon) - SaC's broadcast pertaining to the show but not limited to it. 
  • Know Your Rights - Your rights in a nutshell
  • The Constitution of the United States - That thing our country used to repect. It used to outline our rights as US citizens. Sometimes it still holds meaning. 
  • The Bill of Rights - these are amendments to the Constitution that gave the spefic citizen detailed rights.
  • What to do when pulled over - Tips on how to get through that dread stop, quickly and without too much hassle.
  • Video Library - A library of usefull videos on various topics regarding your driving rights, checkpoints, etc. from various attorneys.
  • SaC's APPs - Apps for your mobile devices
  • Helpful Site Links - Sites that contain more indepth info on your rights and police encounters.