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Hiding while running radar Read 742 times

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Hiding while running radar
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:11:19 PM »

It always bothered me when I saw a cop hiding in the bushes or somewhere else and running radar. It became clear to me that at some point the 👮 stopped caring about crime prevention and more concerned with how they could make money off of it. It had occurred to me that if police prevented Crime​, they'd be out of a job. No crime, no need for crime fighters. So they became enforcers, revenue collectors.

If the police were really serious about public safety, why would they hide and run radar instead of being totally visible to the drivers? It just seems to me that by doing this, they'd affect all drivers and improve the safety of those who are out on that particular road. Instead, they hide and nab a driver here and there. They generate 💰 for the state. If an officer was setup on the side of the road, everyone would double check their speed, reduce speed to a safe speed, and drive more carefully. But rather than affect all drivers, they prefer to just affect a select few. I think it's time police got back to crime prevention instead of depending on crime to fund the system and ensure job safety. What do you think?
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