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Tips When Dealing With Police

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So you have been stopped by the police. What do you do? What are your rights? How should you handle the situation? .

We at Spot-a-Cop are here to help you survive an encounter with the American police / law enforcement. It's a crying shame that we live in a country where now dealing with law enforcement is viewed as a stressfull and dangerous situation where your freedom is at risk, your personal safety comes into question, and even your very life or that of your family, friends, and even pets is in jeopardy. None-the-less it is a reality that we all must face. So SaC is here to help you become informed.

In this portion of Spot-a-Cop we have various sections to help you in the event of a police encounter. If we have missed anything, or if you have a question, please leave us a message on our Contact Portal.




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