Welcome to Spot-a-Cop's Legal site. Here you will find everything you need to know about the SOP and our Arbitration protocols. It is our hope that this site can help answer your questions regarding SaC Administrative interactions.

We will take this opportunity to explore the SOP with you. We will explain it in detail and how it applies to you. This is helpful as the SOP can be a bit heavy reading at times. Other times it can be confusing. That's where this SPOT comes in. 

Likewise, we will explain the ARBITRATION process. We will go over over what happens from complaint to decree. We will dive in to what criteria the investigators and judges must weigh each case by. We will explain what each staff member's role in the case is and how that role is to be conducted. And we will also discuss the appeals process, evidence gathering, obtaining testimonies, certifications that staff must have in order to participate on a SaC hearing.

Hopefully by the time you are done with this site, you will have a complete understanding of the SOP and Arbitration System, SaC Rules & Penalties, and Member Rights

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