Spot-a-Cop is seeking admins to help run our West Virginia, Ohio, Pensylvania, and Maryland chapters. Likewise, we are seeking new admins to help us with new chapters in various areas. We are also seeking admins to help with our newly launched Va. Beach chapter. If you are intersted in joining the team, CLICK HERE."




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Spot-a-Cop Introduction


Spot-a-Cop is here to help each of our communities. We reach out to our local communities to provide support and charitable services to those in need and the community as a whole. We do not bash or hate on the police but rather, we support the efforts of police trying to make a difference in our communities and rise above the corruption that seems to be infecting departments all over the country. We are here to help YOU!!!

We are NOT anti cop. We do NOT support defunding the police. On the contrary, we believe that officers must be better funded so that they may aquire the proper training they need to combat the growing threats that they (and we) encounter.

We do not tolerate cop bashing or bullying. We do not condone illegal activity. We do not condone driving while intoxicated, or anything in between.

We are now proud sponsors of the Harrisonburg United Way. If you would like to donate to SaC and or the United Way, please visit our donation fundraiser below. Please note in your comment how much of your donation is to be donated to the United Way.

Help Spot-a-Cop Become a 501c3 Non Profit Charity and Donate to the United Way

Spot-a-Cop helps the community by providing a real time alert system to inform the public of emergencies, speed traps, checkpoints, missing persons, lost pets, stolen vehicles or property, weather and traffic alerts, or anything that affects the community as a whole.

We need your help to be more effective. with oover 14,000 members in 9 states, SaC has become the number one alert system in our area. With your help we can improve our services, expand our outreach, and increase our effectiveness.

We are asking each person to donate just five dollars ($5). If we can do this, not only will we have enough to file for a 501c3 non profit status, nut also develope an app and increase our infrastructure.

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SaC Joined the #StandVA Event