There has never been a larger gap between law enforcement and the community. We would like to see that improve. But, we also know that there are many bad cops out there who make chancing a police encounter, dangerous. So while we continue to post locations of checkpoints and such, we will also be working with police to address issues and get answers to many of our questions, in a neutral environment where members can feel safe.

While we do not condone criminal activity, we understand the need for avoiding police encounters whenever we can. In today's world it just seems to generate more problems. Now we're not saying that you should never call the police, but we do urge you to restrict calling the police unless it is absolutely nessessary.

We, at SaC, would like to make more positive impacts on the communities we serve. So we have launched in 2019, the SaC's Project LIFE. Project LIFE, or Living Is For Everyone, is a group dedicated to supporting our fellow neighbors who are going through emotionally hard times.