p>Spot-a-Cop, founded by Jason C. Kubin in 2013, started off as an alert system to inform the community about checkpoints. Later it would include traffic alerts, amber alerts, and more. Today it does so much more. Finding lost pets, missing persons, stolen vehicles or merchandise, and other alerts that affect the community.

One of the visions Kubin had was to reach out to people, who like many others, including himself, who suffer, or have suffered from depression, thoughts of suicide, or are just really having a tough time. His thought process was that if SaC  was so successful, why not tap into that member base and pull the community together as one great big informal support group. 

He created, with exstensive help of the Spot-a-Cop staff, a place that was judgement free, where everyone was there for each other. And if you needed it, the local staff of "mentors" would be available for private chat where the conversation is strictly confidential and the mentor would help the member find local resources in their area.

Kubin's philosphy was that if we could just make it through the day, tomorrow we would have fresher eyes. So that was the focus. just get em to hang on for one more day. Just one more day until help can be found.  Kubin believes suicide is a permenant solution to a temporary problem.

So the team got together and labored hard on a good name. It had to be something that expressed the groups intentions and it's mission. Something that shouts HOPE, LOVE, and it had to stress the importance of living. The name Project LIFE was chosen because a few of the SaC staff members were looking for an acronym. LIFE was perfect, Living Is For Everyone! 

Project LIFE ran without any real guidence which lead to it's slow growth. However, SaC appointed Dillan Kennedy as it's first president. He appointed Melissa Williams as his VP and brought on Kitty Biller to serve as his Chief of Security. Having these key positions in place and filled with solid staff members is paramount because due to the scope of our groups focus, security is a must. Members place trust in us that their private conversations remain private.

In the interest of everyone, Project LIFE members only devuldge information if a member has made clear threats of violence towards themselves or others. Having suicidal thoughts are understandable, but having plans to carry them out is not ok. That is the ONLY time when a private conversation will be shared. Kubin and his team felt very stringly that confidentiality was important and only the threat of loss of life would be more important.